M. D. was born Marie Diane Dominique Benoit in Montreal, Canada. A year later her family moved to Mont-Laurier, in Quebec's Hautes-Laurentides, where she received her primary and secondary education. She began primary school at the age of four and a half and completed her secondary school at sixteen. She went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Ottawa and a Master's Degree in Industrial Psychology from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. M. D. enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1975 as an Officer Cadet and left fifteen years later as a Lieutenant-Commander, working as a Logistics and Personnel Officer. After leaving the military, she started her own Human Resources consulting company, Organizational Systems Planning, which she kept for six years until she decided to dedicate herself to writing full time.

Although she has always written, M. D. has only been writing full-time for the past twelve years. 'Til the Fat Lady Sings, her first science fiction mystery novel, was published as an e-book in 2000. It was republished in 2004 as the first book in the Jack Meter Case Files with the title Metered Space under Zumaya Publications' Otherworlds Imprint. The next one in the series, Meter Made, came out in November 2005.

M. D. discovered science fiction and mystery through her father's bedtime stories, which were always full of gadgets, dark doorways, and disappearing people. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with her husband and her cat (who is really an alien in disguise).

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