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The Leicester Review of Books

Leicester Review of Books is run by a team of volunteers who share a passion for books. The volunteers and contributors work on a “no fee” basis with a view to promoting literacy, library usage and small press publishers.

The site aims, among other things, to offer reviews in almost every category of new books, including literary, popular fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, audiobooks, gift books, poetry and scholarly books, as well as author biographies and interviews



Heidi Ruby Miller

Heidi Ruby Miller lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania. She has also written under the names Heidi Ruby and Heidi Miller.

She has degrees in Anthropology and Geography and a Master's in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Heidi is a travel writer who also writes speculative fiction. Heidi's travel guide MOON Pennsylvania Camping was published by Avalon in May 2006.

You can read HEIDI'S PICK SIX author interviews, including one with M. D. Benoit, on her Live Journal ambasadora.

When she is not writing or traveling, Heidi is probably playing HALO, doing yoga, or hiking.



Joshua Palmatier

Joshua Palmatier was born in Coudersport, PA, but since his father was in the military he moved around. Alot. He's lived in the states of Pennsylvania (three times), Florida (twice), Washington, California (briefly), Virginia, Texas (twice), and now resides in upstate New York. He has spent the majority of his life so far going to school, earning a Bachelors of Science and a Master of Arts degree in mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University, followed by a PhD in mathematics from Binghamton University. He is currently teaching mathematics (what else) at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, and taught for three years at Bloomsburg University while taking a break between his masters degree and the PhD.

Joshua started writing science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories in the eighth grade, when the teacher assigned a one page short story. He wrote a story about Atlantis. It was from the perspective of one of the inhabitants as he escaped in a spaceship, watching his world being destroyed by water from one of the viewports of the ship. He got an A. Joshua has never stopped writing since, mainly focusing on novels.

The Skewed Throne is Joshua's first published novel, but it's the fourth novel he's written. The sequel, The Cracked Throne was published in 2006, and The Vacant Throne will soon follow. You can email him at



Robert RuntÉ

Robert Runté is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. He was co-editor (with Yves Meynard) of Tesseracts 5, an anthology of Canadian science fiction and fantasy and is currently editing a university textbook on Canadian SF. He was the founding editor of Neology; New Canadian Fandom; and Communique (the SF Canada newsletter), and a former member of the editorial boards of The Monthly Monthly, On Spec Magazine, and the Tesseract Books imprint of the Books Collective. He was also a founding Board member of both NonCon and ConText SF conventions; a past president of ESFCAS; and Fan GoH at Imagine (Victoria), V-Con 9 (Vancouver) and the 52nd WorldCon (Winnipeg). He has won two Aurora Awards for his promotion of Canadian SF.




Stephanie Thornton

Born a military brat and settled in metro Atlanta, Stephe has recently submitted the first novel of her fantasy saga to a well-known publishing house for consideration, and has begun the second book. She writes fiction because it frees her from Earth's gravity. It's her drug of choice, her high. And it's free.

She was born with a book in her hand, and probably wrote her first story in the womb (nine months is a long time to float about bumping your head and doing nothing). A high school friend asked her to read a book she was penning, and that's where the spark to write originated, though she never really thought the fantastical stories screaming in her head would lead to anything. She wrote five novels, a novella, and a few short stories, all things her muse would spit out whenever it turned on. A poet friend pointed her (with force) to a local writers' group then, and suddenly she was no longer alone. Stephe stepped out of her comfort zone, met other writers, and began perfecting her craft. It was a whole new world where she realized she wasn't just playing at being a writer.

Stephe has worked as a writer/editor consultant for communications firms, as an editor of corporate and community newsletters, as co-head writer for a local television production company, has stories published in a new literary magazine and a local anthology, and blogs on her Writingscape.


A. M. Dellamonica

A.M. Dellamonica, author of "The Town on Blighted Sea," (a *2006 Year's Best SF* pick) and numerous other SF and fantasy stories, has published fiction in *Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine*, SciFi.Com's *SciFiction*, and *Strange Horizons*, as well anthologies including the upcoming PASSING FOR HUMAN, edited by Steve Utley and Michael Bishop. A 2006 Canada Council Grant recipient for her current work in progress, THE WINTERGIRLS, she teaches writing through the UCLA Extension Writers' program ( and writes book reviews for *Science Fiction Weekly*. Dellamonica maintains a web site at


Verna Wilder

Verna is a writer with an MA in English and a bunch of journals and notebooks filled with her writing exercises. She has published two short pieces in anthologies no longer in print, and leads writing workshops following the Amherst Writers and Artists method described in Pat Schneider's book, Writing Alone and with Others.

She recently left a corporate job to live life outside the confines of the Cube, to let herself feel fear and doubt, to dive in anyway, to find the edges of a life where she is accustomed to acting from her base of comfort.

She helps writers find their voice in her writing workshops, and in her editing work she helps writers hone that voice to communicate what is dear to them. She started her blog, Out of the Cube, to explore her own writing voice in a genre that is new to her.



SciFi Chick

SciFi fan, portrait artist, avid reader of all genres.

Angela has a fulltime desk job for a Fortune 500 company. And occasionally, she does drawings of buildings/homes and portraits on commission. She reads every chance she gets. And she's always up for getting books and ARCs from authors and publishers in order to review them on her blog. (Thanks to all that have!)

Portrait drawings usually take her about five or more hours to complete, depending on the level of detail/extras. She's currently open to producing drawings from pictures on commission. Feel free to contact her for details.

She can be reached at: angela (at)




Web writer, blogger, columnist, contributing writer and editor. She writes, WordGrrls, a weekly blog for writers. Her personal junk pile blog contains her rants, blabberings, stick figure grrl cartoons, and photos from her rural and urban explorations in Ontario. Laura has been online over ten years, been a self obsessed IRC diva, produced several sites and newsletters, managed topics for online networks, created ASCII art ( and generally taught herself all the web geekery she knows.





J. C. Hall

J.C. Hall is an author of speculative fiction, currently writing in the fantasy genre. Her published novels include Legends of the Serai and Lady of the Lakes. Lady of the Lakes is the first novel in the Silver Lakes trilogy and is being re-issued by Zumaya Publications. The sequel to Lady of the Lakes-The House of Caerne-will be released later this year. The Reclining Dragon, the third and final instalment in the Silver Lakes trilogy, is a work-in-progress.

J.C.'s poems have appeared in various fantasy magazines. Her non-fiction writing includes book and movie reviews as well as travel articles. Excerpts from her novels, as well as poems and reviews, can be accessed at her website and her blog.

Born in Hong Kong and educated in England, J.C. lived and worked in beautiful Vancouver, Canada for ten years before moving to Toronto where she now lives with her husband Andy. When she's not writing, J. C. can usually be found reading, training for middle-distance races, or transcribing printed books into audio-CDs for the blind, though not all at the same time.

Mayra Calvani

Mayra Calvani writes non-fiction and fiction in a variety of genres: horror, paranormal, satire, children's. Her stories and articles have appeared in publications such as Groundswell, Cube Literary Magazine, Enigmatic Tales, Twilight Times Ezine, New Mystery Reader, Long Story Short, Musings: A Magazine of Words, Writer Gazette, The Bloomsbury Review, Mosaic Magazine, and El Nuevo Dia newspaper. She's a reviewer for Midwest Book Review, Armchair Interviews, TCM Reviews and Habitual Reader, among others. Visit her website and subscribe to her free monthly newsletter, The Fountain Pen, at


Judy Nichols

Judy Nichols grew up in a Batavia, Ohio a small town 20 miles east of Cincinnati and eventually found herself living in Aurora, Indiana, a small town 20 miles west of Cincinnati. She would be there still if GE Aircraft hadn't made her husband Nigel an offer he couldn't refuse-- a chance to live near the ocean with GE footing the bill for moving expenses. So now the family lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ms. Nichols holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Kent State University. She even managed to find a paying job as a journalist but didn't have the stomach for asking the hard-hitting questions. After a long stint of temporary office work in Cincinnati, she decided to go into elementary education and spent three wretched years as a substitute teacher in the Columbus, Ohio public schools. Eventually she moved back to Cincinnati and found work as a customer service representative, which was far less stressful than teaching and paid the bills. And she didn't have to deal with all those surly fourth graders just itching for a fight.

At this time, Ms. Nichols met Nigel, a British national who lived in an old farmhouse outside of Aurora, Indiana. It was in that farmhouse, one day in 1996 while her baby daughter Alysoun slept, she decided it was time to get started on the book she'd always intended to write. She fired up the word processor and five years later, Caviar Dreams was finished.

Her second novel Tree Huggers, about the clash between militant environmentalists and unscrupulous developers, is due for publication in the summer of 2007. She is currently working on a sequel to Caviar Dreams, titled How Do You Get To Music Hall?. Visit her blog at


Cherly Swanson

Cheryl Swanson is a suspense/thriller author who penned her debut novel, DEATH GAME, while she was in the midst of breast cancer treatment. The author drew upon her experience with troubled teenagers to create a story in which a teenage boy's obsession with videogames leads him into a plot that threatens the lives of thousands. Swanson is the author of three non-fiction books and has a background in imaging and dental/medical technology. She is currently working on the sequel to Death Game and lives with her adopted daughter from Guatemala and husband in Kauai.


Hunter James

In the days before desk-top computers, the whole house would shake as Dad's thoughts poured furiously through his fingers onto the metal keys of his typewriter, which required a bit more effort than the feather-touch keyboards of today. More than once, some geologist's intern must have peered at the fluttering needle on a seismograph, shaken his head in puzzlement and then dutifully noted the vibrations' measurements. How could he have known the source was Dad hammering away on his Underwood?

Perhaps I exaggerate. After all, it was an old, wood-frame farmhouse, prone to shaking and creaking at the slightest of disturbances. But I was in awe, nonetheless. Not just that Dad could so capably capture the thoughts racing through his mind, but that he would commit himself to this work, day upon day, year after year, story upon story, book after book.

It's been said that it takes much effort for the best writing to read as if it took no effort at all. Dad's writing reads that way, but I know better. He's talented, to be sure, but his work ethic is not for the faint of heart. The result over his five decades as a journalist, author and historian is an impressive body of work. His editorials contributed significantly to the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel winning the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service in 1971, and the list of his published works -- novels, histories, magazine articles, poetry -- well, we all stopped counting years ago, about the same time that we stopped hanging the plaques, press awards and copies of glowing reviews on the walls of the old farmhouse. Even now, I can feel it shaking. Welcome to Hunter James' website, where you will learn more than you could imagine on southern history, culture, politics or interesting movies and reading. Click on the Writing section of this website to browse his many works, including books, sonnets and articles.

©2005 Michael James gloria

Gloria Oliver

Gloria Oliver lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three cats. She is the author of the novels "In the Service of Samurai", and "Vassal of El", both in the Fantasy genre and both finalists in the EPPIES.

Two other fantasy novels are due for release in 2007, "Cross-eyed Dragon Troubles" and "Willing Sacrifice". She also has stories in "The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse", "Small Bites", and "Fundamentally Challenged" anthologies. She is a proud member of both EPIC and Broad Universe.

When not busy working with numbers at work, she enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, Japanese Anime, trying to learn Japanese, and making her mind mush by translating Japanese comics. To find out more, please visit


Joan Upton Hall

Joan Upton Hall taught English for twenty-eight years. During that career, she was editor and cartoonist for a teacher newsletter, The RRAFT Report, which won state and national awards. Now a full-time freelance writer, she instructs creative writing classes, speaks at writers' conferences, is the North Texas representative for ByLine magazine, and serves for the San Gabriel Writers' League of Georgetown as Writers' Liaison, and is an active member of the Writers' League of Texas (WLT).

She operates a private consulting service, listed with WLT, and wrote her self-editing manual, Rx for your Writing Ills, from the experience. The booklet's explanations, examples, sample formats, and illustrations have helped hundreds of students, clients, and workshop participants.

Being a columnist keeps her hopping. Her monthly column, "Demystifying Writers' Demons," appears in several writer newsletters. For over five years, she and Janet Kilgore shared the humor column, "Hall & Kilgore," carried by the Williamson County Sun. Joan has now switched to a monthly travel column called "Roam with Joan.." Look for samples of these short pieces in books, etc.

Her articles and short stories, even some light verse, have appeared in publications ranging as far away as Minnesota.

Grand Old Texas Theaters that Won't Quit, her first Texana book, co-authored with Stacey Hasbrook, was released in January 2002 through Republic of Texas Press. Ghostly Tales from American Jails was published in 2006.


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