A deadly genetic disease...

One man to cure it, one woman to be his conscience.


Released March 2007 from Zumaya Otherworlds

Barcina's xylopoiesis. The disease was dormant in his son's body, ready to burst inside him, waiting for the right trigger. Laslo knew the symptoms by heart: first, incoordination of voluntary movements and aphasia, the loss of the ability to articulate ideas or comprehend spoken language; then, gangrene and blindness.

Laslo rubbed his eyes. Zelimir's nerve endings would begin to die, starting with the toes. Their muscle cells would transform into wooden tissue then rot, forcing the surgeons to amputate. The mutation would creep up to the torso, where it would attack the major organs, shutting them down as it invaded them.

To extend his life expectancy, surgeons would excise the rotting parts, piece by piece, until all that was left of Zelimir was a trunk with a head. Death would come soon after, the pain excruciating, his son blind, unable to express what he felt.

Cover Art by Moor Dragon
Cover Design by Martine Jardin

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The Jack Meter Case Files

SF Mysteries

Book Two of the Jack Meter Case Files Series

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Jack thought it was over, and he could go back to his life...

IT'S BEEN A FEW MONTHS since Jack has taken care of Annie's murderer, and he's beginning to feel better about life in general. Now all he has to do is find a new apartment. He barely starts searching when a potential client comes to him with a job: one of his buildings has disappeared into thin air and he wants Jack to bring it back.

Soon Jack finds himself embroiled with an Intergalactic policing agency that is attempting to stem the damage Jack has caused to the universe by destroying Annie's clone. He discovers that there's more to space than he first thought and now it's all bleeding together, destabilizing the cosmos. Someone is intensifying the damage, and it's up to Jack and Neola Durwin, a sexy intergalactic agent, to stop them.

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Book One of the Jack Meter Case Files Series

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What do you do when someone wants you to save the universe?

JACK METER HAS HAD BETTER DAYS. Besides waking up without the hangover he'd worked hard on the night before, he finds himself kidnapped by aliens who want his services as a Private Investigator. Jack isn't interested: he'd much rather stay drunk so he can forget that Annie, his physicist girlfriend, was killed in an explosion at her lab and died in his arms.

The Thrittene see it differently, and Jack has no choice but to accept the job. As he begins to piece the case together, he realizes everyone lied to him, from the aliens who hired him to his dead girlfriend, who keeps popping up into every world he visits. Soon, Jack uncovers a plot that threatens to destroy his sanity along with the universe.

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