Book Three of the Jack Meter Case Files

If you love a 50's noir style mixed in with the Twilight Zone, you'll love this book. Hey, "sweetheart", grab it today. You won't be disappointed. Dennis De Rose for ReviewYourBook.com

Destiny. Friendship. Family. Jack Meter hasnít spent a lot of time on these ideas and has avoided them completely since Annieís violent death three years before. But the claim of a strange group calling themselves the Fates from Mythology that it is still controlling life on Earth, and the Fates' allegation that one of them was kidnapped, force him to review where these concepts fit in his life.

As Jack Meter unravels the kidnapping mystery by wading through a series of riddles and lies, and as he realizes his new clients are using him and his friends in a game of their own, he finally understand he must accept his own destiny. But will that understanding come in time his friendís lives and stop a sociopathic alien from destroying everything Jack knows and believes in?

©2007 M. D. Benoit
©2007 Cover Art Gwyn Williams

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