Genetic Engineering


Human Genome Project
The National Genome Research Institute: Up-to-date information on the Human Genome Project, genomic and genetic resources, and an excellent glossary of genetic terms with RealAudio clips by reputed scientists in the field.
Human Genome Project Information: Great resource to know all about the past, current and future of the Genome Project.

Conceiving a Clone: Extensive information on cloning, including a timeline, pros and cons about cloning humans, and how to create a clone. An objective site that presents information in a straightforward, easy to understand manner.
Cloning Special Report: NewScientist's report on cloning, including the latest news. genetics: guide to cloning. Comprehensive.

Biotechnology Watch: News about biotechnology, genetically engineered foods, and activist campaigns to control this technology.
Biotech Applied: A look at the practical applications of biotechnology. A very comprehensive site, sponsored by the National Health Museum

The Origin of the Species: The manuscript that changed the way people thought about evolution, in its entirety.

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