Trip Preparation

In less than a month, we’ll be setting foot on Italy’s soil, more specifically Rome. This is going to be our second trip there, so the preparations are quite different this time.

Sure, there are the endless lists–I’m a list fiend–to make sure we don’t forget anything since we’re leaving for a month.  An entire month! The camera and iPod are on the list, but so are our prescription medications and the list of telephone numbers in case we lose our credit cards (more likely from a pickpocket).

What is different this time is that we know the city. We visited all the “must see” last time (Colosseum, Foro Romano, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vatican Museums, St Peter’s Basilica) so this time is for refinement, and for enjoyment of the vita romana.

We’re planning to visit a few churches we didn’t have time for, and return to one of the most beautiful museums in the world, the Villa Borghese, but we plan to find less well-trod paths and lose ourselves in the warren of streets.

Do you have a favorite place in Rome that would be worth our visit?

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2 Responses to Trip Preparation

  1. Pj kaiser says:

    A month in Rome? I’d give my eye teeth for that! I’ve been twice, the longest was about five days. One of my fav spots was the Vatican museum – it’s so vast. One place that I want to go but haven’t been yet is the catacombs. If u go I want to hear all about it 🙂 I can remember roaming the foro romano on my honeymoon with the green guide in-hand. I was the narrator and he was the navigator. (do you think I’d fit in your suitcase?)

  2. M. D. Benoit says:

    I’ll be posting photos regularly as well, so if I go to the catacombs I’ll be sure to put up a picture of them.

    Loved the Vatican Museums. We’re going back for a night tour this time.

    Rome is a perfect city for a honeymoon. There’s a song in Italian: There are so many lovers on the bridges of Rome, no one knows how many there are.

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