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The future of eReaders

I found the video below through a tweet from @newspaperman and it got me thinking of the advance of technology. I recently bought a Sony Reader (PRS 505) and have been following the reviews and critiques. I’ve been reading eboks for years, started on a Palm Pilot black and white, then a Zire71 and just graduated to the Sony Reader. I love it, I love the portability of ebooks, and am fascinated with the technology. There is, and always has been, a segment of readers, writers, reviewers, who say that ebooks and the readers will never take a significant, important place in people’s world. I disagree. To wit, I offer this video on cell phones. They said it would never take. Too clunky. Too difficult to use. Ha.

I love the geeky-looking computer user at the end. Those either weren’t supposed to take.

The new cell phone

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Free Unabridged Books Online

Way in the beginning when I was first published –my, how time flies– you could read my book only as an ebook. I’d always been a proponent of the medium, but the number of ebooks available, in formats I could read on my Palm Pilot, were scarce.

Today, it’s not the case, especially with e-ink technology, which is used by the Sony Reader and Kindle. There also have been many projects over the year to make available most of the classics online for anybody to read. These, of course, are one way or the other, copyright-free. The site below has put together a list of online sites where you can find free ebooks for download. The site has a scholastic goal, but I like the fact that they’ve added a site for children’s stories and poems, which are usually difficult to find. Some sites such as fictionwise.com and eReader offer only a limited number of free ebooks but offer a bookstore of tens of thousands of great books, including current best-sellers. Fictionwise.com has all the available formats (and carries my own books, of course!)

List of Online Archives for Free Unabridged Books Online

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