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Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy

In a way, this is a segue to my previous post on Firefox.

Although living with proprietary programs is often a fact of life, Open Source products are more and more prevalent. I’ve become fascinated with many developer’s insistence that code should be shared, and that it is the only way that a product will not only become better but move forward much faster. WordPress, the blog software I use to power my blog is a case in point. The server my blog is on is powered by Linux, an open source operating system (although some parts must now be purchases). I’m using the Firefox browser to write and read my blog entries. I belong to Facebook, Librarything, LiveJournal, and Goodreads, W2 systems whose structure is powered by open source developers.

Increasingly, proprietary programs such as Microsoft’s suite of programs are annoying to users. Some become downright hysterical when you even whisper words such as Windows or Adobe. If you are one of those, or like me are on your way of becoming this way, I found a site that points to the Top 50 Proprietary Programs and Their Open Source Alternatives .

It’s well worth going through the list and trying those programs that you’d be using regularly, and maybe some just for fun.

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