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Stupidity in action

I’ve never been a fan of the Conservative Party, and specifically not of Stephen Harper, but this latest news story just confirmed to me how idiotic some of their candidates are.

Apparently, Derek Zeisman a Conservative candidate in B. C. is under investigation for smuggling goods out of the US into Canada. Now, many of us have been guilty of refraining to declare a couple of bottles over the limit and, legally, it is smuggling. Getting caught in doing this would be bad enough for a politician, whose life is –and must be– under scrutiny. Mr. Zeisman, on the other hand, went for the grand gesture: he tried to smuggle a Mercedes and, wait for it, 112 containers of alcohol. And get this:

Zeisman is a cross-border trade specialist, and up until the time of the charges he was working as a trade commissioner for the federal government.

Now, I ask you, how stupid is that? Mr. Zeisman states that he has “had nothing to hide during this campaign and those charges which were not even criminal charges are unjustified.” Sure, Mr. Zeisman. That’s why you didn’t tell your party leader about it. That’s why Mr. Gouk, who is retiring and is ceding his seat to Mr. Zeisman, said nothing about it either. Mr. Harper has decided to “stand by their man”, but I wonder if he would have signed off on Zeisman’s candidacy if he’d been forthcoming with the charges.

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