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RIP Phyllis Gotlieb

I had occasion to exchange a few emails with Phyllis through our SF Canada group. It was mainly me who would send her emails gushing about her books. She was very gracious, very lovely and incredibly young in mind and heart. Any Canadian writer who came in contact with her has been touched in some way by her vivacious personality and her simplicity. The world has lost a beautiful soul.
Here is the Globe and Mail Obituary:

Canadian sci-fi novelist braved unknown in American market – The Globe and Mail

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The ‘Prisoner’ Star Patrick McGoohan Dead at 80

When I was a kid, watching The Prisoner was my parents’ way of giving me a treat (they didn’t believe in candy, nor in sweets and desserts). I loved that show, with its sci-fi overtones, its Big Brother feel, and its star’s courage and determination.

It’s therefore with great sadness that I learned today that Patrick McGoohan is dead. Although it’s not old, I can’t believe he was 80. Makes me feel old.

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