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Fifth Stop on Synergy Book Tour

Leicester Review of Books had a great interview posted on their blog and did an awful lot of promotion for my tour, including posting the interview at Oh My News International. Thank you especially to Ambrose Musiyawa who was my link to the blog and did all the work.

Today, I’ll be stopping at Robert Runté’s blog, I’m Not Boring You, Am I? Robert and I spent a long time chatting (he asked questions, I answered them), which will result in several installments of our conversation during the day. He’s asked some pretty tough questions, and not only about the book, but about publishing, the book tour itself, and some in-depth questions about the creative process I went through writing Synergy. I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

Here’s a bit about Robert:

Robert Runté

Robert Runté is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. He was co-editor (with Yves Meynard) of Tesseracts 5, an anthology of Canadian science fiction and fantasy and is currently editing a university textbook on Canadian SF. He was the founding editor of Neology; New Canadian Fandom; and Communique (the SF Canada newsletter), and a former member of the editorial boards of The Monthly Monthly, On Spec Magazine, and the Tesseract Books imprint of the Books Collective. He was also a founding Board member of both NonCon and ConText SF conventions; a past president of ESFCAS; and Fan GoH at Imagine (Victoria), V-Con 9 (Vancouver) and the 52nd WorldCon (Winnipeg). He has won two Aurora Awards for his promotion of Canadian SF.

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Fourth Stop on Synergy Book Tour

Thanks to Dynastic Queen Stephanie Thornton for hosting me on her blog. We had some great conversations. Today I’ll be stopping at Leicester Review of Books, where there’s an interview we did. Don’t hesitate to ask your own questions!

Leicester Review of Books

The Leicester Review of Books is run by a team of volunteers who share a passion for books. The volunteers and contributors work on a “no fee” basis with a view to promoting literacy, library usage and small press publishers.

The site aims, among other things, to offer reviews in almost every category of new books, including literary, popular fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, audiobooks, gift books, poetry and scholarly books, as well as author biographies and interviews

Leicester Review of books is more than just a review site. It’s literally a portal to everything that concerns writing, from review, author interviews, literary events to a great series of writing-related links.

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Third Stop on Synergy Book Tour

Thanks to Joshua Palmatier for being a great host on the second day of my virtual book tour. People stopped by and we had a great chat.

Today, I’m stopping on Dynastic Queen‘s blog, to talk about the concept of the book and where Synergy fits in my writing space. Here’s a bit about Stephe:

Stephanie Thornton

Born a military brat and settled in metro Atlanta, Stephe has recently submitted the first novel of her fantasy saga to a well-known publishing house for consideration, and has begun the second book. She writes fiction because it frees her from Earth’s gravity. It’s her drug of choice, her high. And it’s free.

She was born with a book in her hand, and probably wrote her first story in the womb (nine months is a long time to float about bumping your head and doing nothing). A high school friend asked her to read a book she was penning, and that’s where the spark to write originated, though she never really thought the fantastical stories screaming in her head would lead to anything. She wrote five novels, a novella, and a few short stories, all things her muse would spit out whenever it turned on. A poet friend pointed her (with force) to a local writers’ group then, and suddenly she was no longer alone. Stephe stepped out of her comfort zone, met other writers, and began perfecting her craft. It was a whole new world where she realized she wasn’t just playing at being a writer.

Stephe has worked as a writer/editor consultant for communications firms, as an editor of corporate and community newsletters, as co-head writer for a local television production company, has stories published in a new literary magazine and a local anthology, and blogs on her Writingscape.

Stephe is working on book two of her fantasy saga (at least I think it is — Stephe??) and blogs about it, but she also has a lot of quirky and fun posts about life in general, and it’s weirdness. A woman after my own heart.

Come and join us today.

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An (interesting, I dare say) interview in the Scriptorium with me.

I didn’t know about this great ezine, but after having roamed through the pages, I think it’s one of the best around. I immediately subscribed to it. If you’re a writer, aspiring or otherwise, this is an ezine you should definitely add to your reading collection.

Subscribe to the Scriptorium.

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Second Stop on Synergy Book Tour

After Heidi’s Pick Six, which was a lot of fun, I’m now stopping at Joshua Palmatier’s blog for the day, where he’ll post an interview with me that he did.

I recently read Joshua’s The Cracked Throne, which I thought was fantastic (pun intended). You can read a review here.

So, here’s the scoop on Joshua:


Joshua Palmatier

Joshua Palmatier was born in Coudersport, PA, but since his father was in the military he moved around. Alot. He’s lived in the states of Pennsylvania (three times), Florida (twice), Washington, California (briefly), Virginia, Texas (twice), and now resides in upstate New York. He has spent the majority of his life so far going to school, earning a Bachelors of Science and a Master of Arts degree in mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University, followed by a PhD in mathematics from Binghamton University. He is currently teaching mathematics (what else) at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, and taught for three years at Bloomsburg University while taking a break between his masters degree and the PhD.

Joshua started writing science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories in the eighth grade, when the teacher assigned a one page short story. He wrote a story about Atlantis. It was from the perspective of one of the inhabitants as he escaped in a spaceship, watching his world being destroyed by water from one of the viewports of the ship. He got an A. Joshua has never stopped writing since, mainly focusing on novels.

The Skewed Throne is Joshua’s first published novel, but it’s the fourth novel he’s written. The sequel, The Cracked Throne was published in 2006, and The Vacant Throne will soon follow. You can email him at jpalmatier@sff.net

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