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New Collaborators

Starting this month, I’m excited to have three new collaborators joining me on my blog: Robyn Williams, Jim Luce, and Margaret Loyer.  These three people are dear friends and have been part of my writing career from the beginning. Without them, their encouragement, their (sometimes harsh but true) critiques, and their steadfast belief I could do this, I wouldn’t be still writing.

I met Robyn Williams and Jim Luce on an online writing laboratory called Writelab more than ten–or is it fifteen?–years ago. The lab had a great premise. Every week, we would get a writing assignment, say writing in the omniscient point of view, and we would post it to the group. People then critiqued the piece and gave you feedback. Most of it was either of the rose-colored glasses or the “you’re an idiot” kind, but Robyn, Jim and I connected and, as they say in the movies, it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Robyn lives in Boisie, Idahoe and Jim lives near a lake in Wisconsin. We have never physically met but have stayed in contact ever since.

I met Margaret at Algonquin Community College in Ottawa where we both took the same writing class.  We hit it off and, with a few others from the class, started a writing group. Little by little, the group dwindled and only Margaret and I were left. She decided writing novels wasn’t her thing but she’s a crack copy editor and has corrected and commented on every one of my books. She’s the one who helpedd polish and clean my English, which is often deficient.

So, there you have it. Once a month, each of them will drop by my blog and talk about something that tickles their fancy. It should be eclectic. And, hopefully, it should be fun.

Welcome, you guys.

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