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The ebook Reader: what’s new?

You’re going on a two-week holiday near the lake. You’re flying to Watertown for a three day business trip. You’re going to the park with the kids for the entire afternoon and are loaded down with their stuff. You’ll go out of your mind if you don’t have books, but you don’t have the room or they’re too heavy to carry.

No need to fret. All you have to do is buy ebooks and download them in you handy-dandy ebook reader. An ebook reader, as a rule, can contain hundreds of books, and they weigh only a fraction of a paperback.

Nowadays you can read ebooks on a variety of multi-purpose devices like the iPhone, the Mobile Pocket PC, Treo, or Smartphone. The sharpness of the image compensates adequately for the size of the screen. (BTW, all of Zumaya Publications books can be read on these devices).

There are also dedicated readers, such as the Sony Reader or the Kindle (http://www.ebookweek.com/ebook_gallery.html#8). Most of these readers use electronic ink, or e-ink, which basically uses very small charged particles sandwiched between two films. A current passing through changes them from white, black or grey, providing an image as sharp as high-end printed paper. Once charged, they don’t require power until you “turn the page,” so battery life is extended considerably. These readers are relatively expensive at the outset, but if you’re an avid reader, you’ll eventually save since eBooks are a lot cheaper than print books-and they take considerably less space on your shelf!

As I mentioned above, the two best known readers are the Sony Reader and the Kindle. The latter was lauded by Oprah, which resulted in a phenomenal amount of sales: the original Kindle sold well over a million units (it was sold out in the first week). They are now selling an estimated 48,000 units a month. Between 2006 and 2008, Sony reported it sold over 300,000 readers.

Clearly, eBook readers are no passing fad. While they’re not for everyone or every wallet, they serve a useful function for those who lack space, who travel, who read everywhere. And while eBooks may never replace print, they’re definitely here to stay.

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Read an ebook Week — What is it about?

Every year for the past five years, around the beginning of March, eBooks are celebrated and promoted through Read an eBook Week. This year it is from March 8th to 14th. But what is it about?

Read an eBook week was first registered with Chase’s Calendar of events in 2004. “Read an EBook Week is a not-for-profit week set aside to inform the public about the pleasures and advantages of reading electronically. Authors, publishers, vendors, the media and readers world-wide […] join in the effort.” (http://ebookweek.com). During that week, publishers and authors offer specials (such as free eBooks) to entice the readers to try them. If you’ve never tried an eBook and have been intrigued by them, be sure to check the Read an eBook Week partners’ page (http://ebookweek.com/partners.html) for some good deals.

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When you can’t afford paper books…

…but you have to own them, ebooks has always been the solution for me. Libraries are great, and so are used bookstores, but sometimes I want brand-new. Thing is, I can’t afford them. Well, I can afford a few, but for the same amount of money I can buy several ebooks instead of one hardcover.

Fictionwise has a cute marketing gimmick right now, using last week’s market crash:

eBook Bailout Plan Saves the World??

Last week the stock markets had tanked 20% and the world was spiraling down into certain depression. Not content to leave the fate of the planet in the politician’s hands, last Thursday Fictionwise launched our eBook Bailout Plan: 50% Micropay Rebates on every single title in our store when paying by credit or PayPal. And guess what? On Monday the Dow Jones Average spiked 936 points, the largest gain in history, and world markets responded in kind!

Coincidence? That is for history to judge. To be on the safe side, we have extended our eBook Bailout Plan only through Thursday, October 16, or until we give away $700 billion in rebates, whichever comes first. So don’t wait! We’ve done our part: come load up your shopping cart and buy today!

So if you’ve never tried reading an ebook, now’s the time to try one. You don’t have to read an ebook on your computer, you know. You can read them on your Blackberry, your Palm Pilot/Phone, your iPhone, and any semi-dedicated reader that uses a wonderful new technology, eink.

And while you’re curious and decide to try it, I’ll be crass and recommend one of my books. You can find them all at Fictionwise.com and eReader.com.

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Free Unabridged Books Online

Way in the beginning when I was first published –my, how time flies– you could read my book only as an ebook. I’d always been a proponent of the medium, but the number of ebooks available, in formats I could read on my Palm Pilot, were scarce.

Today, it’s not the case, especially with e-ink technology, which is used by the Sony Reader and Kindle. There also have been many projects over the year to make available most of the classics online for anybody to read. These, of course, are one way or the other, copyright-free. The site below has put together a list of online sites where you can find free ebooks for download. The site has a scholastic goal, but I like the fact that they’ve added a site for children’s stories and poems, which are usually difficult to find. Some sites such as fictionwise.com and eReader offer only a limited number of free ebooks but offer a bookstore of tens of thousands of great books, including current best-sellers. Fictionwise.com has all the available formats (and carries my own books, of course!)

List of Online Archives for Free Unabridged Books Online

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