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Expat Harem

A year ago through Twitter, during a discussion on literature at #litchat, I met a fantastic woman, Anastasia Ashman, a US expatriate living in Turkey. She was talking about her new book, Tales from the Expat Harem, and anthology of stories written by expatriate women living in modern Turkey. Tales evolved into a huge project and blog, a “neocultural hub for global citizens, identity adventurers, Turkophiles, identity travelers and culturati of all types.” It is a place where “common interest + experience defines us better than geography, nationality — or even blood.”

Expat Harem has its regular contributors but also visiting ones. I am such a one, discussing the feeling of being an expatriate in my own country because of differences in language, culture, behavior. The in-country expat forced me to inspect and introspect what it meant for me to live in a different culture, and it reinforced the empathy I feel for all new immigrants to our country, and to my town.

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OH Canada, the Classified Way

I’m not a fan of rap. I admit it. But this version of our Canadian anthem has a charm all of its own. For those who don’t know, Oh Canada was written originally in French by Calixa LavallĂ©e. Basketball also has its origins in Canada. With the Olympics looming, it’s a great time to celebrate the fact that we’re Canadian and that there are many things we can be thankful for (even winter).

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