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Anticipation — WorldCon

I’ll be at WorldCon from Friday afternoon, 7 August 2009, to Sunday afternoon, 9 August 2009 and here’s my schedule. Since I’m bilingual, I’ll be on both English and French panels.

Friday 15:30
Location: P-522B
Title: Preparing to Write a Series
Session ID: 755
All Participants: Fiona Patton, Joe Haldeman, Joshua Palmatier, Laura Anne Gilman, M. D. Benoit, Mindy Klasky, George R. R. Martin
Moderator: Joe Haldeman
Description: How does a writer plan to write a series? Or is it unplanned until you sign the contract? Writers discuss how they set up and wrote novels that are part of a “series.”

Saturday 11:00
Location: D-Vitre
Title: Writing Workshop U
Session ID: 666
All Participants: Joshua Palmatier, M. D. Benoit
Moderator: Joshua Palmatier
Description: Critique session for previously submitted manuscripts

Saturday 20:00
Location: P-513D
Title: L’édition électronique
Session ID: 379
All Participants: Alain le Bussy, Alexandre Lemieux, M. D. Benoit, Pascale Raud
Moderator: M. D. Benoit
Description: L’édition en-ligne est de plus en plus commune. L’avenir appartient-il au livre numérique et à Google?

Sunday 12:30
Location: P-513D
Title: L’écriture avec la langue des autres
Session ID: 378
All Participants: Aliette de Bodard, M. D. Benoit, Tony Pi, Claude Lalumière, Patrick Senécal
Moderator: Claude Lalumière
Description: Quels sont les défis de l’écriture de SF dans une langue qui n’appartient pas entièrement à un auteur?

Sunday 14:00
Location: P-511A
Title: The Invention of the Canon
Session ID: 527
All Participants: Evelyn Leeper, Graham Sleight, M. D. Benoit, Mike Resnick
Description: How do we as a field decide that a work or an author is a “classic”? Do all the awards we give out help? What about Year’s Best books/lists, reviews, and indeed panels at conventions? And what about authors whose reputations fluctuate over time?

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