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Last Stop on Synergy Book Tour

Thanks to Laura from That Grrl for hosting the book yesterday. Laura posted an excerpt of the book which, I hope, whet your appetites for the rest.

This last stop is a bit different. I reflect on my experience with the book tour and what I learned and gained from it on Verna Wilder’s blog, Out of the Cube. I got to know Verna when she contacted me after one of my blog posts, and we struck a friendship, which, in part, illustrates the topic in this last post.

Verna is an introspective but upbeat woman who stepped away from a stressful job to pursue her interests in writing and the arts. She’s combining the two right now by starting a new business helping people and organizations writing grant applications for the arts. Here’s a little more about Verna:

Verna Wilder

Verna is a writer with an MA in English and a bunch of journals and notebooks filled with her writing exercises. She has published two short pieces in anthologies no longer in print, and leads writing workshops following the Amherst Writers and Artists method described in Pat Schneider’s book, Writing Alone and with Others.

She recently left a corporate job to live life outside the confines of the Cube, to let herself feel fear and doubt, to dive in anyway, to find the edges of a life where she is accustomed to acting from her base of comfort.

She helps writers find their voice in her writing workshops, and in her editing work she helps writers hone that voice to communicate what is dear to them. She started her blog, Out of the Cube, to explore her own writing voice in a genre that is new to her.

* * *

Be sure to drop in to the official Virtual Book Launch of Synergy, from 8pm EST 15 April to 8am EST 16 April and chat with me. I’d love to hear from you, know what you thought of the tour, answer your questions, and chat about little nothings (like this frigging winter weather that won’t quit). The address for the chatroom is

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Ninth Stop on Synergy Virtual Book Tour

Thanks to Alyx for hosting me on her blog yesterday. If you’ve missed it and want to read about the themes of the book, they’re at Planet Alyx Information Bureau.

Today, That Grrl has posted an excerpt of the book in which the two protagonists meet for the first time. Don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions about the story.

Laura (That Grrl) is a fellow Canadian. We live only about 5 hours apart, her in Toronto, me in Ottawa. I enjoy the photos she takes around Toronto. They show a real appreciation of her city. I also enjoy her quirky drawings. Here’s a little more about Laura:


Web writer, blogger, columnist, contributing writer and editor. She writes, WordGrrls, a weekly blog for writers. Her personal junk pile blog contains her rants, blabberings, stick figure grrl cartoons, and photos from her rural and urban explorations in Ontario. Laura has been online over ten years, been a self obsessed IRC diva, produced several sites and
newsletters, managed topics for online networks, created ASCII art ( and generally taught herself all the web geekery she knows.

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Eight Stop on Synergy Virtual Book Tour

I had a fantastic time at SciFiChick on Monday! Lots of people stopped by. Great interview, Angela, thank you so much.

Today, I’m stopping at Planetalyx Information Bureau where I’ve talked with Alyx about the themes occurring in Synergy. Alyx is a fellow SFCanada author whose novel, Indigo Springs, will soon be released by TOR Books. You can read one of her stories in Strange Horizons. Here’s a little more about Alyx:

A. M. Dellamonica

A.M. Dellamonica, author of “The Town on Blighted Sea,” (a *2006 Year’s Best SF* pick) and numerous other SF and fantasy stories, has published fiction in *Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine*, SciFi.Com’s *SciFiction*, and *Strange Horizons*, as well anthologies including the upcoming PASSING FOR HUMAN, edited by Steve Utley and Michael Bishop. A 2006 Canada Council Grant recipient for her current work in progress, THE WINTERGIRLS, she teaches writing through the UCLA Extension Writers’ program ( and writes book reviews for *Science Fiction Weekly*. Dellamonica maintains a web site at

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Sixth Stop on Synergy Virtual Book Tour

Thanks to Robert Runté for hosting me on his blog yesterday. I got a kick out of seeing my face, which he’d cut out from my photo, appear in front of landmarks in Lethbridge, Alberta. Robert put it a lot of effort in the interview he did with me, and I’m very grateful to him. Robert split the interview in smaller posts: an Introduction, M. D. Benoit on Publishing, M. D. Benoit on Cover Art, M. D. Benoit on Authors on the Web, M. D. Benoit on Synergy, M. D. Benoit on Jack Meter Series, and M. D. Benoit on M. D. Benoit. So if you haven’t read the interviews, you can always go back.

Today, I’ll be at Absinthe & Cookies, where we’ll be discussing the themes of the book and you’ll be able to read the first chapter of Synergy.

Absinthe & Cookies is a cool, eclectic site, and one who participates to the Gathering of the Blogs, where all the blogs who gather on Tartan Day, April 6th, will have something Scottish as a post. Here’s a list of participating blogs.

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Fifth Stop on Synergy Book Tour

Leicester Review of Books had a great interview posted on their blog and did an awful lot of promotion for my tour, including posting the interview at Oh My News International. Thank you especially to Ambrose Musiyawa who was my link to the blog and did all the work.

Today, I’ll be stopping at Robert Runté’s blog, I’m Not Boring You, Am I? Robert and I spent a long time chatting (he asked questions, I answered them), which will result in several installments of our conversation during the day. He’s asked some pretty tough questions, and not only about the book, but about publishing, the book tour itself, and some in-depth questions about the creative process I went through writing Synergy. I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

Here’s a bit about Robert:

Robert Runté

Robert Runté is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. He was co-editor (with Yves Meynard) of Tesseracts 5, an anthology of Canadian science fiction and fantasy and is currently editing a university textbook on Canadian SF. He was the founding editor of Neology; New Canadian Fandom; and Communique (the SF Canada newsletter), and a former member of the editorial boards of The Monthly Monthly, On Spec Magazine, and the Tesseract Books imprint of the Books Collective. He was also a founding Board member of both NonCon and ConText SF conventions; a past president of ESFCAS; and Fan GoH at Imagine (Victoria), V-Con 9 (Vancouver) and the 52nd WorldCon (Winnipeg). He has won two Aurora Awards for his promotion of Canadian SF.

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