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‘Tis the season…

4ca3A word from my publisher:

TIS THE SEASON! And with books being one of the greatest gift ideas anywhere, anytime, there’s plenty of reason to be jolly.

Books, compared to other forms of entertainment, are relatively inexpensive. They last a long time, and you can enjoy them more than once. You can trade them for other books, or share them with friends. Most important, they take you to places you might never have been before, where you’ll meet fascinating people and enjoy fabulous adventures on this world and others far more economically than a Prius.

We’re delighted you’ve stopped by Novel Ideas from Zumaya. We’re celebrating, despite the state of the economy, and you’re invited to join us. For the next three weeks, beginning Friday, November 21, our best-selling books will be on sale for 30% off, and shipping is absolutely free in the US. Want to ship overseas? Drop us a line at our customer service address and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Don’t see anything appealing? Stop back next week and see what new titles are listed.

We Zumayans believe we have some of the finest reading material available anywhere. We hope you’ll agree–and come back again if you don’t see anything that appeals this visit.

My own Synergy is up there for now so go right now and buy it for someone you love, or for yourself. And if you don’t fancy an SF Thriller there are plenty of good books to be had at 30% off.

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Galley for Meter Destiny — There is hope…

Last Friday I went through the galley for the third Jack Meter Case File, Meter Destiny and it was pretty fine so I’m crossing my fingers very tightly that the book will be ready for WFC in Calgary at the end of the month. Time is flying, though, and my hopes are dwindling.

I’ve found the delays in the publishing schedule very frustrating since it’s extremely difficult to do any kind of advanced marketing, contest, or whatever. I’ll be talking to my publisher today about some kind of two for one deal… we’ll see how that goes.

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Book Review

A Night in the Lonesome October A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
With wonderful illustrations by Gahan Wilson. A wonderful, humorous set of 31 chapters linked together by an upcoming full-moon Halloween night where the way may open for the return of the Elder Gods to Earth.

Snuff, the narrator of the story and a dog, guides us through each day where we meet a slew of strange characters (the Count, Rastov, the Good Doctor, the Great Detective) bent upon intrigue and mayhem. The human characters take a back seat to the voices of their familiars.

Zelazny has given us a quick, fun read that, although somewhat story-less, entertains and makes you smile. Worth the read.

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Speed of Life

Seems like we should replace the term speed of light with speed of life. Is it a function of age, I wonder, or a function of our crazy lives with all the calls upon our time? It seems I never have enough time to write, read, cook, go shopping, exercise, listen to music, watch a little tv, spend time with family, make love, do needlework, go sailing, brush the cat, blog, socialize, visit with friends… ah, of course, not of these activities are in order of priority.

I usually get up between 5:30am and 6am and usually go to bed by 10:30pm and it seems I always get to do about a quarter of what I wanted to do. I’m not a disorganized person, I’m a list fiend so I like to plan ahead and still I don’t have enough time. Am I going to have to become ruthless and plan every minute of my day? It seems like an uncomfortable and inflexible way to live.

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Writing by hand: a lost art?

Lately I've found sitting in front of the computer to write more of a chore than a pleasure. It's probably in large part because I need a new chair, but also because we recently moved and my office is a mess of boxes waiting for a custom-made bookcase (coming soon, coming soon).

One of the advantage of the move to our condo is that it comes with facilities, including a library. Early on I found out there was very little traffic there and I've started taking pad and paper, a thermos of tea, and my iPod and simply write.. by hand.

I've been amazingly productive. I guess part of it is there are no distractions like email or computer games, which I'm prone to go to when I hit a snag in the writing. Down in the library I simply get up, do a turn about the room, get the thinking cells to rest and recharge.

The only downsize of all this handwriting productivity is that I then have to retype everything. It seems like a waste of time but in the end I end up doing some small edits that refine the story (no wordsmithing, though, that's for later).

I don't know if I'll write the whole novel that way but for right now, it works for me. Best of all, I'm writing again.

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