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Sorcerer’s Heir Excerpt

She screamed. Every cell of her body burned, as if he’d poured a vat of hot oil over her. She blacked out for a second but the need to protect Hugh made her push back the dark. The pain was excruciating –her insides were boiling. With another cry, she collapsed on the ground. She could hear Ramsay’s footsteps getting closer. Desperate, she raised her hands, visualized a dust devil, and muttered, “Air. Push at my enemy. Earth. Rise and blind him.” She hit her hand with her fist then flung it open toward Ramsay.

A whirlwind rose between them. She heard him yell and watched the dust devil she’d imagined—about three feet wide and eight feet high—advance on him. It was almost opaque from the debris it had picked up. He threw his hands up to protect his eyes and backed away.

Her body still burned. The dust wouldn’t hold Ramsay very long. She crawled as fast as she could to Hugh, who was still out. She couldn’t see tell if he was breathing.

Behind her, silence fell. It gave her a bad feeling. As quickly as she could she grabbed Hugh under the arms, then pulled and dragged him toward the front porch, head bowed with the effort. She wasn’t sure how she was going to make it up the stairs—he was heavy and she was in serious pain.

“Cute,” Ramsay said. He began advancing again.

At the last minute, she remembered her personal shield and raised it. Another blast slammed into her, cutting her air, but this time it didn’t hurt. Good thing, she thought, because a second dose of Ramsay’s boiling oil treatment would have finished her. She kept dragging Hugh, trying to keep her shield up at the same time. Added to the pain, her muscles had begun to shake. She was close to collapse.

“I want you gone,” she said through clenched teeth.

Ramsay chuckled. He walked a step closer. “Sorry, little girl. Your trick won’t work on me twice.”

He threw his hand up and power slammed into her shield again. Her brain was sluggish with fatigue; her eyes were becoming blurry.

“Why do you bother with him? He’s dead.” Another step.

Then it came to her. He used heat. Maybe she could use cold. “Air and Water,” she muttered very fast under her breath, “form a cage of ice around my enemy.” She dropped her shield on the last word. She let go of one of Hugh’s shoulders, struck her open palm, then made an arc in the air, and threw the spell at Ramsay.

At the same time, he flung another wave of power, but she could see it coming and dodged most of it. It caught her on the shoulder, and she moaned in pain. The burn was twice as bad this time. She closed her eyes and tried to put up her shield. Deep inside her, energy sparked, then fizzled. She was out of juice.

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February: Zumaya Thriller Month Kindle Sale

From Zumaya Publications:

For the month of February, Zumaya will be placing Thrillers and other genre work with thriller elements on SPECIAL!

All the titles below will be listed at the low price of $2.99. A great way to try out these great authors and fill out your Kindle libraries.

Week 1 Feb 5 – Feb 11 – Science Fiction Thrillers

Blood Line by Lynn Ward – Sample
Unforced Error by Mark Roberts – Sample
Catalyst by M D Benoit – Sample

Week 2 Feb 12 to Feb 18 – Thrillers

Final Mercy by Frank J Edwards – Sample
Redacted by G L Rockey – Sample
Too Many Secrets by Linda Guyan
Resurrection Diva by Eva Batonne –  Sample

Week 3 Feb 19 to Feb 25 – Fantasy Thrillers

The Mirror of Yu-Huang by Christine Norris – Sample
Vassal of El by Gloria Oliver – Sample

Week 4 Feb 26 to Mar 3 – Mixed Thrillers

The Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K Burton – Sample
Dark Legend by Chris Stires – Sample
Murder Canyon by Joan Blacher
P.S. All these listed titles are actually on sale from 5 February 2012 to 3 March 2012. We just have certain ones features each week.
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Free Downloads

From noon EDT US today through midnight EDT Sunday (10 April 2011), Zumaya Publications is doing a free ebook promotion for Carole Waterhouse’s The Tapestry Baby and Mark Roberts’s Unforced Error.

You can download for free the two books in either PDF, epub or mobi:

For Tapestry Baby:

Tapestry Baby PDF

Tapestry Baby EPUB

Tapestry Baby MOBI


For Unforced Error:

Unforced Error PDF

Unforced Error EPUB 

Unforced Error MOBI

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Book Review: La Isla Bajo el Mar

La isla bajo el marLa isla bajo el mar by Isabel Allende

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The poignant story of Zarité, a black slave in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) and later in New Orleans in the 18th Century.

I have read this book in the original language (Spanish), and Allende’s prose is simple and elegant, yet extremely vivid. The book is a mix of fairly detailed historical fiction and the slave Zarité’s voice, which brings an element of immediacy to the events. When she speaks for Zarité, Allende can shock us with the casual way the slave speaks of her treatment (e.g., her master extinguishing his cigar on her), and so gives us the utter helplessness of the slave.

But Allende shows us also the cost of becoming free–a fact that Haiti, in a way, has never recovered from–and, despite the inescapable disgust of slavery she creates in the reader, she also succeeds in making us see the slave owners’ point of view, in all its callousness, insensitivity, greed, and ignorance.

If I have one criticism it’s the slow pace of the book, maybe due to the detailed historical events she uses as parentheses to the story. It was sometimes a bit plodding, although it opened my eyes to the plight of the slaves at the inception of the slave trade.

Well worth the read.

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