Fiction Friday — “Sorry”

[Fiction] Friday Challenge #144 for 26th February, 2010

The bag was empty except for a smudged, slip of paper which said, “Sorry.”

The bag was empty except for a smudged, slip of paper, which said, “Sorry.” Jeannie hadn’t touched the precious artifact yet but she could clearly see the letters, crudely written with what she hoped might be what the old ones used to call a ball pen since the word was a faded blue. She wondered at the person who had written that conciliatory word and why the slip had been left in this near-fossilized leather bag.

How could the paper have survived after all these centuries? The word, this single word seemed pathetic, as if its owner had wanted to apologize for all the wrongs humanity had inflicted on itself, nearly destroying its planet in the process.

Jeannie examined the paper, the word, still without touching it. The meaning behind the word was fathomless and full of possibilities.

Six hundred years before

Lisa looked at the single word, “Sorry,” on a torn piece of paper Pete had passed her across the desk in Mrs. Benson’s arithmetic class. Yeah, he’d better be sorry for having broken her favorite pencil, the wretch. With a shrug and a glare at Pete, she stuffed the note into her bag. They’d discuss replacement at recess.

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6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday — “Sorry”

  1. Annie

    welcome back to FF – its been a while since I have seen your lovely face round these parts!!
    Great idea and concept. I liked the idea of the “time piece’ being unexplained however, the only inconsistency ( which can be righted on your re-write- would be the leather bag. – perhaps it was a leather satchel or school bag you were aiming at – but it sounded like a lunch bag size – which might be a bit weird. My entry cna be found here –

  2. Julie Jordan Scott

    I enjoyed the flash WAYYYY forward. 600 years from now. Wow. Makes me wonder about the once-inconsequential now monumental things we see from history, adding value just because of age.

  3. Adam Byatt

    The minutiae of life take on a resonance of their own. It goes to show the significance of each person’s life as a story and the snippets of memory that go into it.
    A great idea well realised.

  4. e.lee

    thats an intriguing writing prompt, liked the direction you took it

    I would have used the bag to get a character into troublw

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