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Anticipation — WorldCon

I’ll be at WorldCon from Friday afternoon, 7 August 2009, to Sunday afternoon, 9 August 2009 and here’s my schedule. Since I’m bilingual, I’ll be on both English and French panels.

Friday 15:30
Location: P-522B
Title: Preparing to Write a Series
Session ID: 755
All Participants: Fiona Patton, Joe Haldeman, Joshua Palmatier, Laura Anne Gilman, M. D. Benoit, Mindy Klasky, George R. R. Martin
Moderator: Joe Haldeman
Description: How does a writer plan to write a series? Or is it unplanned until you sign the contract? Writers discuss how they set up and wrote novels that are part of a “series.”

Saturday 11:00
Location: D-Vitre
Title: Writing Workshop U
Session ID: 666
All Participants: Joshua Palmatier, M. D. Benoit
Moderator: Joshua Palmatier
Description: Critique session for previously submitted manuscripts

Saturday 20:00
Location: P-513D
Title: L’édition électronique
Session ID: 379
All Participants: Alain le Bussy, Alexandre Lemieux, M. D. Benoit, Pascale Raud
Moderator: M. D. Benoit
Description: L’édition en-ligne est de plus en plus commune. L’avenir appartient-il au livre numérique et à Google?

Sunday 12:30
Location: P-513D
Title: L’écriture avec la langue des autres
Session ID: 378
All Participants: Aliette de Bodard, M. D. Benoit, Tony Pi, Claude Lalumière, Patrick Senécal
Moderator: Claude Lalumière
Description: Quels sont les défis de l’écriture de SF dans une langue qui n’appartient pas entièrement à un auteur?

Sunday 14:00
Location: P-511A
Title: The Invention of the Canon
Session ID: 527
All Participants: Evelyn Leeper, Graham Sleight, M. D. Benoit, Mike Resnick
Description: How do we as a field decide that a work or an author is a “classic”? Do all the awards we give out help? What about Year’s Best books/lists, reviews, and indeed panels at conventions? And what about authors whose reputations fluctuate over time?

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RIP Phyllis Gotlieb

I had occasion to exchange a few emails with Phyllis through our SF Canada group. It was mainly me who would send her emails gushing about her books. She was very gracious, very lovely and incredibly young in mind and heart. Any Canadian writer who came in contact with her has been touched in some way by her vivacious personality and her simplicity. The world has lost a beautiful soul.
Here is the Globe and Mail Obituary:

Canadian sci-fi novelist braved unknown in American market – The Globe and Mail

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