Fiction Friday>> Nine Lives

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for June 5th, 2009:

“Don’t sit there,” she commanded. “That’s the cat’s chair.”

“Let’s talk about this,” I said. “We’ll sit down, reason it out.” I backed slowly toward the living room, my eyes glued to hers, my hands away from my body to show I didn’t mean any harm. I could see her entire body trembling, in fear or anger I wasn’t sure. She’d bitten her lower lip so hard it was bleeding.

She followed me, the gun in her hand wobbling so hard there was no way could she shoot straight. I saw that as my only chance. In the living room, I made to sit down.

“Don’t sit there, she commanded, her voice tremulous. “That’s the cat’s chair.” She gestured at the fireplace with the gun. “Go stand there.”

I obeyed, still keeping my eyes on her. Something crinkled under my feet. I looked down. A large plastic sheet -industrial grade-lay on the floor. My head rose to her face so fast I nearly got whiplash.

Her eyes were clear, she had a slight smile on her face. Her hand was steady as she pointed the gun at my chest. “Vulnerability is such a nifty tool,” she murmured.

Oh, shit, I thought, just before she pulled the trigger.

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7 thoughts on “Fiction Friday>> Nine Lives

  1. Uncle Tee

    I like it, to the point, descriptive without too much, and interesting. Raises alot of questions…who are they? Why does she want to shoot him? She seems scared but is it a front?

  2. Jodi Cleghorn

    This packs a punch MD! I love stopping by every week for you flash fiction. I have to control myself from scrolling down too fast so as not to spoil the ending.

    Industrial grade plastic sheeting – she was prepped! I would love to know what he had done.

    You empathise with both the characters – despite the fact one of them is brandishing a fun.

    This week I’ve got installment #3 of the Hartog Series and thanks for you comments on twitter the past few days. hartog seems to be a character who is here for a reason, rather than a season. I picture him sticking around for quite a while actually – though he evades me for the most part. Did Jack play similar games with you? And yes famous last words about what genre I do and don’t write in!

  3. Al McKillop

    Less is definitely more! I like the way you set the scene, but the realisation hits home when the plastic sheet comes in to play. Leaves you wondering what happens either side of this scene. Good one.

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