Fiction Friday >> Time Warp

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for May 8, 2009
A man is given the ability to go back in time and change one event in his life.

It was true. He was here, five years into the past. He could relive this day, change everything. Amazingly, he had been given a second chance at making things better, at undoing what he had set in motion, what had changed his life and the lives of so many around him. He had hurt so many by that single act, that single choice. He hadn’t realized the impact it would have. It was only in retrospect, looking back at the events that led to that day, that hour, that minute, that he had given himself the luxury of regret. How many times had he wished it could all be undone, rewound, reshot, like the takes of a movie, until he had got it right. And now it could happen, it could be done. He could reshape this moment and all the moments that would come after. He didn’t know if his life would be better for it but at least he would not have that one excruciating regret.

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5 thoughts on “Fiction Friday >> Time Warp

  1. rosey pinkerton

    Now this is intriguing! I love a story which leaves me wondering, and this one certainly did. Hope you like mine, it couldn’t be more different!

  2. Al McKillop

    Builds up the suspense really well and now we want to know what he did – and I guess not knowing whether or not changing the event will actually make things better makes it even more intriguing. Packed a big punch in a few words. Like it.

  3. William

    I was intrigued by the story and wanted to find out more. I definitely wanted to know what he did and why he regretted it. I think it is good but would have liked to have found out more.

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