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[Fiction] Friday Challenge for April 24, 2009:
During her first trip to Las Vegas, a woman experiences the luckiest night of her life. (It’s not from gambling).

“Shhhh.” Sandra rocked the baby as she looked around her, at all the blinking lights, the people frantically putting coins into the slot machines, chewing gum or drinking. The noise was deafening, but it would provide cover for the baby’s cries.
She’d seen her and knew it was hers. She’d been waiting for a moment like this, to find her baby, the one, the only. She was dressed in a pink pinafore with pink booties, just the way she would have dressed her if… Well. She looked down at the girl as she rushed out of the casino.
“We’ll just have to pretend you’re a boy for a while, sweetie, but don’t worry. Once we’re far from here, I’ll buy you all the pink dresses you want.”
She hadn’t wanted to come to Las Vegas, but her sister had insisted she needed a change of pace after she’d lost Frannie. But she’d found her again, with these other people. They might miss her for a while, but they’d get over it. The baby was hers.
Coming to Vegas had been a good thing. This was the luckiest night of her life. She rushed away from the casino as she heard a woman screaming for her child.

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3 thoughts on “Fiction Friday >> Las Vegas

  1. Aden

    I have been really excited about reading everyone’s take on lucky that has nothing to do with gambling. This one surprised me, but in a good way. Now I have all these questions in my head like did she get away with it? And I wonder what the kid is like 18 years later.

  2. Al McKillop

    Such a good story in so few words! Feel sad for Sandra that she is driven to take someone else’s baby, and of course the people who will now be traumatised at losing their child. Interesting how Sandra thinks the others will get over it, when she clearly has not. Good work!

  3. Paul

    Very nicely done, and like Al, I’m enjoying the fact that in her mind she can rationalise that the couple would get over what she clearly is unable to.

    Disturbing take on the prompt (always a good thing in my book!)

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