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This isn’t about Susan Boyle

Well, it is, in a way, but not. Anybody else sick about hearing about her? I am.

Sure, her “discovery” is inspirational to all would-be artists out there. It confirms that, for them too, their chance may come. Do not despair. Keep the flame burning.

But there are a few things about the whole affair that have bugged me since the beginning. First of all, the scene has a staged feel about it. Surely, it wasn’t the first time they had heard her? Don’t they go through a screening process? (Otherwise, the show would never end. They’d have millions wanting their thirty seconds in the limelight).

Second, was her voice all that great? I mean, if you close you eyes and forget she’s a 47 year old frumpy single woman who, apparently has never been kissed (what’s that got to do with her singing?), her voice is, well, okay. It’s the package that sold, not the voice.

And third, frankly, I was thoroughly disgusted by the judges’ and the public’s attitude towards the woman. As if, if you’re not a young, perfect looking thing then all you can do is screech. Beauty does not equal a great voice, and history has proven it time and time again.

In short, what we watched was show business at its… sleaziest. Staged reality TV. This whole episode is not about Susan Boyle. It’s about creating expectations and dreams for all the other schmucks who want their piece of grass in the sun and without whom there wouldn’t be a show. It’s about insulting jerks like Simon what’s his name who enjoy humiliating people in public and pass it off as pearls of wisdom.

In the end, it’s about money, and the Susan Boyles of the world are used as straw men (or women) for just that purpose.

Now, can you name the postal employee who sang opera at that very show last year?

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