Fiction Friday >> Doing what?

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for April 17th, 2009:
Include this line somewhere in your story: “I’m never doing that again.”

“Well. I’m never doing that again.”


“You know. That.”


“It’s kinda gross. Sticky and salty and smooth all at the same time. And once you got the taste in your mouth, it won’t go away.”

“Really? I never tried it.”

“I should never let Peter convince me to try it. But, you know, I’m always game for anything.”

“He’s adventurous, that one.”

“At least, I didn’t try it in public. Can you imagine what it would look like?”

“Embarrassing, to say the least.”


“I would have paid to see your face when you swallowed.”

“I nearly puked. Peter was laughing his head off.”

“Such a gentleman.”

“I know. I’m sort of thinking maybe we shouldn’t go out together anymore. He’s weirding me out.”

“Anyone who would convince me to eat a peanut butter and sardines sandwich is a kook in my books.”

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5 thoughts on “Fiction Friday >> Doing what?

  1. Aden

    First off let me say…EW! Peanut butter and sardines!

    Okay with that out of the way, I loved this. I love reading good dialogue.

  2. Jodi Cleghorn

    This is just brilliant. I couldn’t help sniggering like a teenagers.

    You do a fantastic job of creating the tension in the reader … ‘oh it wouldn’t be that‘ … yet it is hard to think of something just like that

    I love these short pieces of yours with the snappy dialogue.

    Now going to rinse my mouth out … peanute butter and sardine 😛

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