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What’s up with men in TV Ads?

Whether it’s for a burger, coffee and doughnut, or a cable TV service, men seem to be increasingly portrayed as nerdy, geeky idiots. What’s up with that? Is this a reflection of reality or is it the dumbing down of society?

Do men recognize themselves in these ads, do they say “hey, that’s me, I’m just like him,” and rush out to buy the product? Are we all becoming less intelligent and this is the advertising world’s way of coming down to our level?

Or is it a reflection of our economic downturn? When you’re struggling to make ends meet, you don’t have time for introspection and philosophical discourse. Of course, ads have never been that high brow. Ads for soap, shampoo, or household products wouldn’t challenge a squirrel’s brain but these ads don’t have a story. The new ones do, and the script stinks.

Four years ago in an Opinion piece in New Mexico’s Daily Lobo, Luncinda Urlich protests the dumbing down of society:

At a time when the world is more complicated than ever before and human mental ability should be evolving right along with technology, we seem to be at a crossroads between the mental haves and have-nots.
We have discovered a new kind of ghetto, the unused mind, a true wasteland of space and time and a more dangerous weapon than nuclear missiles.

It seems to me that matters are getting worse, not better, and social networks are often quoted as demonstrating this.

What do you think? Have you noticed the same? Am I totally wrong? Do you have a better explanation? I’d love to know.

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