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[Fiction] Friday « Write Anything
[Fiction] Friday Challenge for March 27, 2009:
Setting: An office building – A secondary character says: “Look, somebody has got to make a decision.” Your main character offers a solution.

How To Play:
1. Check this page for the new challenge.
2. Write for at least 5 minutes.
4. On Friday, post it to your blog.
5. Come back to Write Anything and leave the link to your post.
6. Visit other’s posts and leave constructive comments.

Here is my entry:

Peter rolled his eyes. Lynne was always pushing, prodding, always in a hurry to get things done. It didn’t matter if everyone else wasn’t up to her speed. Instead of helping, her attitude created more problems, more antagonism. It had been exactly the same in their relationship and that was why –thank the Lord—he had been smart enough to get out of it.

That time, it had been him who had been in a hurry to make a decision. He still felt it had been the right one, even though working together made matters more difficult than they should be.

He wasn’t a fool; he knew everyone around the table knew Lynne and he had been involved, and almost serious, with each other. They knew the reason Lynne was so much in a hurry to get out of the meetings was because she couldn’t stand to be in the same room as he was. They knew that it was his own damn fault if the atmosphere at the office had changed from tropical to arctic.

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3 thoughts on “Friday « Write Anything

  1. Jodi Cleghorn

    You built the tension up with finesse … and it was a shame not to see something come out of it. Whether there was a well cloaked hissy fit exit by Lynne or a declaration of quitting or a new job opportunity in another company.

    Looking forward to exploring more of your website.

    You can find my Fiction Friday entry Wall Flowers and Corner Kicks at my blog.

  2. Annie

    Welcome to Friday Fiction. Well done building your scene so quickly. I look forward to reading more of your work in the weeks to come

  3. Aden

    I have been loving going to everyone’s Fiction Friday post because it introduces me to the person through their writing. I liked this little piece, especially because there was no dialouge and there didn’t need to be. I am curious to see where this would go from here.

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