Daily Archives: September 25, 2008

Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories

I recently almost collided with a madman. At least he sounded mad, spewing conspiracy theories to everyone he could catch on the street. The man wasn’t violent, although is was big, but he was definitely not all in the same universe as the rest of us. Adding stuff in the water, aborting babies, population control through nuclear irradiation, he had a few doozies. (He was so fascinating I decided to use him in my next book).

The man reminded me of the movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, in which good ol’ Mel is crazy as a loon and sees conspiracies everywhere. Thing is, he sounds so real he ends up stumbling onto a real government conspiracy.

We shouldn’t all be so lucky (yeah, right). This got me to google the terms and lo and behold, I happened to fing the Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories.

I don’t know about you but some of them sound pretty plausible, especially the one about Microsoft. Hey, just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean someone’s not after you.

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