Daily Archives: September 17, 2008

Speed of Life

Seems like we should replace the term speed of light with speed of life. Is it a function of age, I wonder, or a function of our crazy lives with all the calls upon our time? It seems I never have enough time to write, read, cook, go shopping, exercise, listen to music, watch a little tv, spend time with family, make love, do needlework, go sailing, brush the cat, blog, socialize, visit with friends… ah, of course, not of these activities are in order of priority.

I usually get up between 5:30am and 6am and usually go to bed by 10:30pm and it seems I always get to do about a quarter of what I wanted to do. I’m not a disorganized person, I’m a list fiend so I like to plan ahead and still I don’t have enough time. Am I going to have to become ruthless and plan every minute of my day? It seems like an uncomfortable and inflexible way to live.

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