Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

Writing by hand: a lost art?

Lately I've found sitting in front of the computer to write more of a chore than a pleasure. It's probably in large part because I need a new chair, but also because we recently moved and my office is a mess of boxes waiting for a custom-made bookcase (coming soon, coming soon).

One of the advantage of the move to our condo is that it comes with facilities, including a library. Early on I found out there was very little traffic there and I've started taking pad and paper, a thermos of tea, and my iPod and simply write.. by hand.

I've been amazingly productive. I guess part of it is there are no distractions like email or computer games, which I'm prone to go to when I hit a snag in the writing. Down in the library I simply get up, do a turn about the room, get the thinking cells to rest and recharge.

The only downsize of all this handwriting productivity is that I then have to retype everything. It seems like a waste of time but in the end I end up doing some small edits that refine the story (no wordsmithing, though, that's for later).

I don't know if I'll write the whole novel that way but for right now, it works for me. Best of all, I'm writing again.

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