Cooking up music

Two Jamies. Two very different men –young men– with maybe the only thing in common being that they are both British. One was born in 1975, the other in 1979. Both grew up in Essex.

Sure, there are other similarities: both are cute, shaggy-haired, and have more energy than a cooped up panther. Both have followed their passion and are making a name for themselves, despite the odds: one cooks, the other sings jazz.

What ties them together is that they are both chefs and musicians, in their own way.

I’m talking about Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, who sees food as an instrument and recipes as the score — you must follow the basics, but there’s definitely room for interpretation.

The other is Jamie Cullum, who uses music to cook up a feast for the ears that is totally personal and unique.

Whether it’s for your stomach or your ears, with either of these two, you’ll end up replete.

Try out some of the Naked Chef’s recipes in his latest, Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook, and listen to Jamie Cullum in Pointless Nostalgic, which you can also find on iTunes.

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