Happy New Year!

For all those people who are reading this blog, I’d like to thank you first for dropping by occasionally or often, as would be the case. I wish every one of you a wonderful 2008, full of joy, discoveries, and adventures. If life doesn’t feel like it’s taking you on a ride, you’re not living. You’re existing.

It’s been a spotty 2007 for me, blogging-wise. I’ve had an incredibly hard time trying to figure out why gigabytes were leaching out of my server, most of it coming from my blog. I eventually figured out it was a combination of the theme I was using, the number of categories I had, and the size of the pictures in my posts. I can now understand why a lot of people use a blog service such as wordpress.com to blog. Although I have more flexibility with having my blog on my own server, it can be a pain to update the software and it can use up a lot of resources.

Nevertheless, I plan to continue on with this blog. I’ll be picking up the Techno-guide and talk about how you can improve your experience with your computer or your internet use. I’ll continue to find weird and/or wonderful things that, if I inserted them in my books, no one would believe. And I’ll also continue to talk about whatever takes my fancy.

So, hop on for the year, and we’ll see where it leads us.

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