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Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women

While surfing for something completely unrelated to this post, I found this nifty webzine (it probably exists also on paper):Popgadget.

The zine, which is more blog-like than zine-like, touts itself as a technology magazine for women:

Technology magazines ignore women and women’s magazines ignore technology. Popgadget is a lifestyle magazine that embraces technology as a regular and essential part of women’s lives. We cover topics traditionally seen in women’s magazines, such as health and fitness, beauty and fashion, home, family, and entertainment, but with a unique focus on the products and people that bring exciting innovations to those aspects of our lives. But if you’re looking for a bikini-clad model straddling a Power Mac G5, you won’t see it here.

Yay! Gotta love it, even though some of those technological finds can be silly, like the purse with a flexible solar panel that can, it avers, recharge your cell phone. I really needed one of those, especially at $383US.

But there are also great posts such as how technology is “sold” differently to men and women, or this Holiday Gift Guide for Technophobes. I want one of those microwavable teddy bears.

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A brave new world of language

I can’t keep up with today’s languages. The internet and gaming languages, that is. I thought I could handle LOL, for instance; I thought it meant “Laugh out Loud” or “Lots of Laughs.” Now they’ve added an overusage meaning to it, which means “Lack of Laughter.” It’s a replacement for having nothing to contribute to a chat, for instance, or “Your statement lacks even the vaguest trace of humor but I’ll pretend I’m amused.”

A friend of M. D.’s keeps using W00T! in answer to some emails. That friend is also a writer so I figured she wasn’t illiterate or using it for the exclamation “What!”

Since I am a detective and I like to find things out, I went on the scent of the W00T! definition.

In the process I discovered a completely new language (well, if 1982 can be called new) that was developed in the early 80’s by computer geeks who didn’t want search engines to detect their websites. They invented l33t, or “Elite,” where letters are changed to numbers and symbols and are phonetically written. Gamers and chatters (aha! M. D.’s friend is a gamer) appropriated the language, sometimes as shortcuts, sometimes as a status of what they are. From what I could tell, there’s a fine line between use and overuse, and you can teeter between cool or a total idiot or nerd. In addition, the language evolves continuously with new acronyms and new usage. (How the heck are you supposed to keep up?)

W00T! has gaming origins and meant “We Owned the Other Team” or “Wonderful Loot” (Everquest gaming slang). Now it means a sign of agreement or excitement, or less commonly “Waste of our Time” or “Way out of Topic” in chat rooms (although this is less common).

Okay, here’s one:

ROFL!!!!1 u r teh FUNi!11 i lub u <3

It means, as far as I can tell, Roll on Floor Laughing!!! You are the funniest. I love you. (emoticon meaning heart).

Oh, yeah, because emoticons, groups of punctuation or/and letters, in a non-graphic environment, also translate into feelings. : – ) is the regular happy face (remove the spaces), ; – ) is a wink, : – D is LOL, and : – P is a raspberry. Here they are, translated graphically, courtesy of WordPress: 🙂




I suppose it’s like any language, you learn it as you use it, but there is potential for silliness. Tell me why the following l33tsp34k is easier than writing English:

EX) 1|= `/0|_| C4|| |234|) 7|-|15, `/0|_| |234|_|_`/ ||33|) 70 637 |_41|)

On the other hand, if you want to feel like you’re part of an l33t or that you can write an esoteric language only teh f3VV (the few) can understand, this is it.

Oh, and curious what the above means? Here it is:

For example if you can read this, you really need to get laid.


For more on the new urban language, consult the Urban Dictionary.

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Find out what you’ll be in your next life!

This is just for fun, as a way to say that I’m back on track. The resource usage has been solved (I’m pretty sure, anyway) and I’m jumping back on the blog wagon. I missed this blog. It’s a place where I can share with you the weird things out there that I’d never be able to include in my books ’cause they’re just too weird.

The short test –takes about 4 minutes– lets you know what you’ll be in the next life. Of course, you can totally skew it by not being honest, but the animal you’ll come back as may surprise you. Here’s the response I received when I answered honestly:

Your next life will be as… an Octopus!

Almost 45% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of life than you.

You’re not perfect, but you’ve lead a better life than most. With a few changes now, your next life could be even better.

Here’s what I got when I tried to skew the results:

Your next life will be as… a Shark!

Almost 45% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of life than you.

You’re not perfect, but you’ve lead a better life than most. With a few changes now, your next life could be even better.”

Now, who decided that a shark was better than and octopus? Where’s the scientific evidence?

You can find out who you’ll be by going to the The Reincarnation Station

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