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Beautiful, weird, intriguing photographs

I found a new blog dedicated mostly to strange and great photography, Novak’s blog. This photo is part of the Moments Frozen in Time collection, Novak’s most popular of the blog. Some of them I’m not sure if they’ve been remastered (taking something out of one and plucking it into something else) but, you know, I don’t really care. The pictures are fun, they’ll make you smile, laugh, groan, and you’ll be wide-eyed for some of them.

In some of the people pictures, it makes you think that, if someone followed you with a camera all day, you’d end up looking pretty silly, too. I particularly like the above picture, because I love Robert Servranckx’s Nature Photography and I could imagine something like that happening to him. It takes incredible patience to photograph birds and animals, and I can’t help thinking how long that photographer had been motionless before that beastie was bold enough to come see what that big black thing was about.

There is also the incredible art of Blaž Porenta, a Slovenian graphic artist who’s already won several prizes. Any amateur of Fantasy and SF will appreciate his imagination.

I’ve always admired artists who can create fantastic creatures and world without falling into the clichéed images of fairies and ogres, or medieval-looking people with ruffles at the neck and swords in the hand. We see way too much of those on the covers of Fantasy novels and they become far from intriguing. Oh, yeah, I forgot the dragons, too. Okay, maybe it’s hard to make a dragon look different (they all have, I suppose, some characteristic bodily features in common) but sheesh, enough of those on the covers already. Or maybe has there been too many stories about dragons? Hmmm. Yeah. After a while, it gets old. Very old.

For more incredible photographs and art, click on the “pictures” tag in Novak’s Blog.

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