The Mad Techno-Guide

opendoorsm.jpgI’ve been using computers and computer software for almost thirty years. Been blogging for five. Maintained my own website for eleven.

I’ve been part of various internet communities for at least fifteen years. Now that computers and the internet are becoming more and more complicated and sophisticated, not to mention used by several million people (there are from 15 to 30 billion webpages) it gets more difficult for the average user (make that a novice) to find his or her way through the morass.

This weekly techno-guide (every Wednesday) is designed for people who know little about computers, the internet, blogging, html code, net etiquette, use of resources , website, podcasts, videos, and internet tracking systems such as SEO, RSS, CSM.

Am I speaking another language already? If yes, then this techno-guide is for you. I’ll go step-by-step through the basics, keeping it short so as not to overwhelm you, but also giving you real information so you can increase your knowledge and be more effective on your own.

Imagine, not having to wait for anyone to upload an image, make changes to your website, start your own blog, or even optimize the speed of your computer! I mean to open a door to another world for you (hence this picture). It is up to you, however, to step through it.

I welcome topic suggestions, questions, comments. The more interactive this column is, the better for all of you out there. You ‘ll be able to refer to all the posts from the Mad Techno-Guide in our Archives.
M. D. Benoit is the author of SF Thriller Synergy and The Jack Meter Case Files. She has been using computers for more than 25 years, and has managed to learn a few things along the way.

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