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Page Turners

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This 12-member writers’ co-op has created an email newsletter to communicate with readers who like exciting books that they may not see on the New York Times list (novel genres such as: suspense thrillers, sf/fantasy, paranormal, mysteries, westerns, and action-packed romances, although some of the member authors write in other genres too). The idea is to help readers discover new authors and be able to interact with them.

They rotate the Author of the Month position in the newsletter, but all contribute, so that readers “meet” them all. (Editor Joan Upton Hall collects the news to keep it moving smoothly.)

How often does it come out? Once a month.
You can read a sample issue on Joan’s website at: http://www.JoanUptonHall.com/pageturner.htm, plus member authors’ photos.

FREE subscription; cancel at any time. Email editor: PageTurnerHome@aol.com

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