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M. D. Benoit’s Synergy Virtual Book Tour and Book Launch

I’m currently preparing a virtual book tour and book launch for Synergy. Ten blog owners will act as hosts for me and my book. We’ll have discussions on the themes of my book, how it came about, interviews, etc. The tour will culminate with the virtual book tour where I’ll spend a couple of days chatting, having contests, answering comments on my guestbook.

Virtual Book Tour and dates:

Heidi Ruby Miller 28 March

Joshua Palmatier 29 March

Dynastic queen 2 April

Leicester Review of Books 3 April

I’m not boring you, am I? 4 April

Absinthe and Cookies 5 April

That Grrl 6 April

Sci Fi Chick 9 April

Out of the Cube 10 April

Planetalyx Information Bureau 11 April

Virtual Book Launch: 14-15 April

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Clichés: Avoid them like the plague

I found a great site that lists many clichés, in alphabetical order: http://www.suspense.net/whitefish/cliche.htm. As any self-respecting writer, I’ve been chasing them out of my prose, but they have a way of sneaking in when you don’t pay attention. Why? Because they’re easy, descriptive, and understood by everybody. That’s why they’ve become clichés.

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