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Dragon LoversDragon Lovers, by Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Karen Harbaugh and Barbara Samuel
New York: Signet Eclipse
ISBN 10: 0-451-22039-0

Dragon Lovers is a collection of four stories by four well-known romance authors. Each story is uniquely different; what unifies them is the magic of dragons– and romance.

In Jo Berverley’s The Dragon and the Virgin Princess, Princess Rozlinda, the long suffering SVP (Sacrificial Virgin Princess), cannot pass on her post to someone else until a dragon comes. When one arrives, though, she finds herself being sacrificed for real, instead of in ritual. In The Dragon and the Dark Knight, Mary Jo Putney offers us a dark, mysterious knight hired to kill a dragon, and a lonely damselnot so much in distress as in need of help to save herself and her dragon. Karen Harbaugh takes us to 17th century Japan in her Anna and the King of Dragons, where a stranded Dutch girl is saved from destitution and death by a mysterious stranger and a bargain with a dragon. In Dragon Feathers, by Barbara Samuel, a young couple falls in love and accepts the most important mission of their lives.

Each author makes us fall under the spell of dragon lore and sweet romance, with resourceful, intelligent heroines and mysterious, kind-hearted men. Best selling author Jo Beverley succeeds brilliantly in mixing humour, mystery, and romance; in little more than a hundred pages, she makes us believe in love, and magic, and courage. Mary Jo Putney’s story starts out as a classic but develops a twist that startles and delights. Karen Harbaugh and Barbara Samuel use old legends in a new, fresh way.

Dragon Lovers is an enchanting book that makes us fall in love with love and dragons; it is a balm over an often frenetic and seemingly senseless life; it brings pleasure and a renewed belief in happiness. Well worth the read.

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