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The Horrors of Child Abuse and Other Weird Visuals

Child abuse Some people have no common sense, and this picture is definitely proof of that.

Apart from the clichéed comment about fingers and electrical outlet, this family looks like they’re hosts to a large family of rodents. I have this image of Willard, nibbling on a piece of cheese, saying to his buddies:

“They’ll do anything I tell them.”

It’s not that farfetched, considering the dazed looks on the family’s faces, the woman’s especially.

I stumbled on that picture while surfing the ‘net instead of writing a report for a client. It’s part of the Weird Picture Archives (Humans).

This picture, and others as weird, makes me think that the real aliens live right here, on Earth.

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SF Site’s 2006 Reader’s Choice

SF site has, once again, initiated its Reader’s Choice Book of the Year Award contest. Rules and eligibility are spelled out. Deadline for voting is 9 February 2007. You can submit a list of as much as 10 books.

Here are some of the past winners:

The Reader’s Choice list doesn’t always correspond to what SF Site considers the Best Read of the Year. For instance, in 2005, they preferred The House of Storms, by Ian R. MacLeod, rather than Anansi Boys.

So if you feel it is important to have your say in what is the best speculative fiction books of 2006, go to the site and vote for your favorites.

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