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Australians have their own language

As we know, the world’s upside down in Australia, so while it’s winter here, it’s summer there.

“Take your togs or cossies, your esky packed with amber fluid and maybe a dog’s eye for a snack. Bend the elbow too much? Stop off for a long black, a short black or a flat white to make sure you don’t end up a few kangaroos (roos) loose in the top paddock.

The Washington Post published a tongue-in-cheek article about the strange colloquialisms that sprout up in Australia, “define the Australian identity and give continuity to the variety of voices and experiences that shaped the country’s history”.

The words are so commonly used that the Government of Australia has added them to their citizenship tests. As a would-be Australian, you’d better know the lingo.

“Assuming you pass the tests and move to Australia, you’ll probably find yourself flat out like a lizard drinking, that’s extremely busy, from the hard yakka or labor of your new job.

If you get time for a beach picnic try not to let the heat and beer make you chunder or vomit in the dunny, that’s toilet.”

Oh, and the translation of that first quote?

“Take your swimwear and cooler box full of beer and a meat pie to eat. A bit too much to drink? Have a small or large black espresso coffee or a white coffee to make sure you are fully compos mentis when you get home.”

G’Day, mate.

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