Daily Archives: January 5, 2007

The Mill Inn at Wakefield

Mill InnAfter that job with the Kayzar and the Phoenix I just finished, I decided I needed a bit of R&R, so I went back to the Mill Inn at Wakefield and see if Laura had had any more mischief occur.

It turned out the murder there increased business so much she didn’t even have a room for me. Considering I’d helped her for free, she did put me up in one of the staff’s room.

Boy, that place sure has changed since I was last there. She’s added a Spa –probably inspired by that bitch who wanted to buy the Inn on the cheap– and of course there’s the view onto the river. Very sweet.

She even has this guy, there, as host now. His name’s Robert Milling. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little romance develop between these two.

Didn’t matter if I had the barman’s room. I slept like the dead, ate like a pig on five-star food, relaxed in the bar with my favorite glass of scotch. Now I’m ready to take on more aliens.


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