Christmas Music. Bah, Humbug

Well, another Christmas coming. I’m surprised all the clerks in the stores haven’t committed suicide by then. How many times can you listen to White Christmas and Sleigh Ride without puking?

No kidding, the sappy music started right after Thanksgiving. Oh, you worldwide shoppers are saying: So what? Well, unlightened people, Thanksgiving in Canada was on 9 October. Do the math, people.

That means that not only clerks have been subjected to umpteenth versions of O Holy Night, but us, too, the defenseless, victimized shoppers. It’s enough to turn a reasonable guy into a raving lunatic.

Every time I pass my neighbors’ doors, I hear Christmas music. It’s like a disease. A virus, spreading like a plague. People wear goofy grins, talk about Peace and Joy (so talk about that to the homeless and the addicts, see where it gets you), are inflated with goodwill. As long as they’re not in a store, or behind the wheel going to a store.

Me, I’m staying home, listening to La Boheme and drinking Oban.

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