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EventideEventide, by Kent Haruf

Eventide is the sequel to Plainsong, although it does stand alone. The brothers McPheron, two old bachelors who took in a pregnant teenager and learned to love her, now must let her go when she starts college. A young boy takes care of his grandfather and befriends two little girls. Two young children, who live with mentally disabled parents, suffer taunts and an abusive uncle. Summer is over. Winter is coming.

In his usually understated, beautiful prose, Haruf weaves his way through these peoples’ lives and makes us care deeply for them. He doesn’t spare any of his characters from suffering, and in this way paints a concrete picture of life in a small, isolated town.

Despite the bleak setting of winter, Eventide ends with a message of hope. Once night has fallen, light is not far away. Haruf, in his inimitable style, leaves each one of his characters poised, waiting for the light, and the reader waits with them.

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