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NileDeath on the Nile, by Agathat Christie

It had been at least twenty years since I read an Agatha Christie, and the simplicity of the writing that I remembered was still there and not a figment of my memories. Death on the Nile is one of the stories in which features Hercule Poirot.

Poirot, on holiday in Egypt, encounters a trio of lovers: Simon, a simple man, Linnet, the very rich woman who married him, and Jacqueline, the spurned fiancée. They embark, with a beby of other characters (including a possible terrorist) on a cruise on the Nile. Therein follows a series of small and large dramas that culminate in Linnet’s murder. Poirot, in his inimitable style, slowly unravels the motives and, of course, unveils the murderer.

The style is typical of Agatha Christie’s with plenty of (oft repeated) clues that are pretty much meaningless except to Poirot. Descriptions of scenery are kept to a minimum, so as not to detract from the setting, the murder scene.

Despite these faults, Agatha Christie does in this book what she does so well: show human frailties through a series of well-rounded characters who, each and everyone of them, have their own secrets. The interaction is fascinating, and Poirot’s meddling is delicious. His faith in human nature and his matchmaking efforts counteract his obvious arrogance.

Death on the Nile is a light, amusing, relaxing read that leaves you refreshed –even though the topic is grim.

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