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NaNoWriMo Statistics

November is over, and so is National Novel Writing Month. This year, over 79,300 people participated. Of these, less than 13,000 met the challenge by writing 50,000 words, a little over 15% of the participants. (The Ottwa region was higher than the average, at 22%. Yay!) Those who completed the challenge received this nifty certificate:

NaNoWriMo Certificate

I learned and experienced several interesting things while participating in NaNoWriMo 2006 while lurking through the threads and speaking to my fellow participants:

  • Quantity, not quality, is what is stressed here, but many are not able to turn off the internal editor and become paralyzed.
  • Many registered but did not write one word.
  • Many “winners” wrote more than 50K within the month, a few going over the 100K mark.
  • Many participants will do nothing with the words they have written, including many of the winners.
  • Very few 50K efforts end up in published novels.
  • People who did not finished rationalized, procrastinated, reasoned, but did not finish.
  • Those who stuck to the daily minimum (1667 words a day) or exceeded it, finished.
  • Writing seven days a week for a month is mentally and physically exhausting.
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