Daily Archives: November 9, 2006

Kellylee Evans and Kevin Ramessar

I have discussed those incredible musicians before, but it’s worth mentioning them again. I went to a show and auction night for the Ottawa Jazz Festival last night, and Kellylee and her musicians were there. Kellylee had her usual energy, sang with heart and humour, and, amazingly, got the whole room up and dancing with her song “Gotta Move”, which is not on her CD, as well as a song about memory (a tribute to her mother) and her incredible interpretation of Lennon’s song Imagine.

Kevin also played in the band. In addition to his wonderful, distinctive guitar sound, he played trumpet on several songs, including one of my favorites of Kellylee’s, Hooked. His accompaniment to Kellylee’s songs sounded almost like a supporting voice rather than simply music. His versatility in going from classical to New Age to Urban Jazz proves what a conummate musician he is.

Clearly, two emerging musicians who not only bear watching, but encouraging, also. So get their CDs, and get the buzz going.

Get Fight or Flight?, Kellylee’s debut CD at CD Baby, Barns and Noble, CD Stores in Canada, and ITunes

Get Sojourn, Kevin’s latest CD at CD Baby.

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