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NaNoWriMo 2006- Day Five

Yesterday, I went to my first write-in. A bunch of nano nuts who live in the same city get together, chat, play games and word wars, and write. I met my 1,000 word target in the two hours I stayed. Fortunately, I’d already written two thousand in the morning.

Today, seeing as it’s Sunday, I decided to write 1,500 the absolute low limit. Got caught in the story, ended up writing 2,000. Hence the total.

Here’s another short excerpt (I remind you that this is a first draft. Read at your own risks):

“He’s like the Phoenix. You know that bird that rises from its ashes?”

“We’re back to mythology?”

“I don’t think so. It lives and dies in the same way. At least that’s what Winston says.”

Terry stared at the still sleeping kid, now looking more like a young teenager than a boy. I had to get him some pants. The t-shirt wouldn’t cover much of him pretty soon.

Terry swallowed audibly. “Did Winston say how much of a mess it’ll make when he explodes?” He looked back at me, his eyes stark. “I’ve seen what brain and guts can do to a room.”

“Thanks for that wonderful picture and, no, he didn’t say. I thought the exploding part was more a metaphor than reality.”

“Considering what’s been going on so far, I wouldn’t assume anything.” He checked his watch. “Listen, I have to get back to work. There’s nothing I can do, here. If Winston finds more and you feel I can help in some way, give me a ring.”

After Terry left, I dug out a pair of sweats for Phoenix. I’d decided to give him that name, instead of calling him ‘kid’ all the time, especially that he didn’t look like a kid anymore. He’d grown and filled up again in the few minutes I’d left him. And he was awake again. I was getting worried about calls of nature. Granted, he hadn’t eaten much and had drunk nothing since the formula Mrs. P had given him, but it had been over five hours.

“Okay, Phoenix, let’s get those on you. Then we’ll see if you can walk. If you do, we’ll take a little trip to the washroom.”

Phoenix was so docile, he might as well still be sleeping. He didn’t hinder me when I put pants and socks on him, but he didn’t help either. I hadn’t known how difficult it was to lift someone who was as stiff as a cooked noodle. My respect for nurses climbed in the five minutes it took me to pull Phoenix’s pants over his butt. It was also fairly uncomfortable to be that visually close to another man’s equipment. Phoenix was definitely fully grown in all respects.

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