Daily Archives: October 26, 2006

Zumayans’ Workspaces No. 7

Zumaya Publications has as many different authors as it has genres. Here’s another of Zumaya’s authors, Jackie Griffey.

JackieJackie’s small, old house sits on five acres where it’s just now getting built up around her –they’re in the middle of an exodus from Little Rock, Arkansas, she thinks– so that window she sits in front is very distracting. There are fall colors, squirrels, and other wildlife to watch. Gray and tan deer sail over the back fence like flying reindeer, especially before deer hunting season starts in the fall (which is distracting enough all by itself).

If her computer was at a window in the back of the house, it would be worse and she’d never get anything done (how does Cheryl Swanson concentrate when the surf’s up?).

Jackie has two novels with Zumaya: Memphis in Our Hearts, a historical romantic suspense, and Once Burned, a romantic suspense. She is working on several other novels at this time.

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