Zumayans’ Workspaces No. 4

Here are Cheryl Swanson’s jungle digs in Kauai.

Cheryl Swanson In her office she’s got all the necessities: her surfboard, a motorized desk that rises at the push of a button so she can write standing up , even an ocean view.

Is she grateful she’s living in paradise?


Kauai is a cultural exile, Swanson whines, after ten years of living in San Francisco. According to her, not only is her neighborhood anything but cosmopolitan, politically engaged or culturally sophisticated, but the neighbor is wont to shoot your dog if he lifts his leg (the dog, not the neighbor) on his (the neighbor’s, not the dog’s) banana trees.

Check out this pathetically unappreciative author at http://www.cherylswanson.net. Her debut thriller with Zumaya, Death Game, has just launched.

Death Game is hard to put down, Swanson says. Let’s hope she shows up in her office long enough to notice she’s getting a few readers…

If you’re still not convinced Cheryl has a hard time writing in paradise, here’s what a part of Kauai looks like:


Mountains, surf, and sand. Yeah, Cheryl, we feel real sorry for you.

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