Daily Archives: October 17, 2006

Zumayans’ Workspace No. 3

Another Zumayan, Erin O’Brien. Erin made my life easy by sending me a little blurb about herself, all with html codes inserted (Thanks, Erin!). Here’s her… ah… workspace and what she says about herself:

hatMy name is Erin O’Brien and I’m a writer.

I wrote an essay called the Ham-a-thon that will make you laugh until you fall out of your chair, which would be very revealing if it happened to me, because all I’m wearing in this picture is a hat. The Ham-a-thon is just one post from my blog, The Erin O’Brien Owner’s Manual for Human Beings. Go on over there. It will rock your face off.

If you are a good buddy of mine, sometimes I’ll write something for you. Sometimes It will be a piece of erotica or maybe something about trying to find my G-spot.

I also wrote a book called Harvey & Eck

I love writing and I do it all the time. I write a column for the Cleveland free independent weekly paper, the Cleveland Free Times. Here’s one of my efforts. It’s about spending time in a bar that opens at 5:30 a.m.

I love what I do.

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